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Ph.D. in Computer Science, February 1999

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejon, Republic of Korea

Thesis : Scalable Session and Traffic Management for Multiparty Sessions


M.S. in Computer Science, February 1994

KAIST, Daejon, Republic of Korea

Thesis : Host Group Management System


B.S. in Computer Science and Statistics, February 1992

Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea


1.    Professor, College of Information & Computer Engineering, Ajou University, Suweon, Republic of Korea, September 2014 ~ Present.

2.    Associate Professor, College of Information & Computer Engineering, Ajou University, Suweon, Republic of Korea, March 2008 ~ August 2014.

3.    Assistant Professor, College of Information & Computer Engineering, Ajou University, Suweon, Republic of Korea, March 2004 ~ February 2008.

4.    Research Assistant Professor, Information and Communications University, Daejon, Republic of Korea, September 2002 ~ February 2004.

Doing research on various multicast issues such as reliability, congestion control, and mobility. The research is supported by National Research Laboratory program.

5.    Senior Researcher, Information and Communications University, Daejon, Republic of Korea, July 2002 ~ August 2002.

6.    Principal Software Engineer, DigitalWave Inc., Seoul, Republic of Korea, January 2001 ~ April 2002.

Developed the Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC) for the next generation wireless multimedia messaging service. The system is compliant with the technical specifications published by 3GPP and Open Mobile Alliance (ex-WAP Forum). The system was installed as the service testbed for MMS user agent development in Samsung Software Center.

7.    Senior Software Engineer, DigitalWave Inc., Seoul, Republic of Korea, March 2000 ~ December 2000.

Led the development process of the messaging subsystem that is included in the Unified Messaging System, UX-4000. The messaging subsystem is based on Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Three other members participated in the development process.

8.    Senior Research Member, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Daejon, Republic of Korea, January 1999 ~ February 2000.

Developed FreeBSD kernel to support RSVP over ATM. The QoS parameters are translated from ATM to RSVP and vice versa in the kernel. The kernel was to be deployed to the ATM-IP interworking unit.

9.    Research member, KAIST, Daejon, Republic of Korea, 1996~1998.

Developed a multimedia conferencing system for high bandwidth network. The system was based on Mbone public software such as RAT, VAT, and VIC. The project was to provide a guide for the multicast multimedia service with high bandwidth network.



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