The Sites I like

For Phoneticians (or would-be phoneticians)

Praat This is an amazing, absolutely-free speech analysis program. I don't know how these guys (Paul Boersma and David Weenink) are doing it, but they are distributing this software free. And as a phonetician, I really appreciate what they are doing. I wish there are more like them out there! This program has the most versatile program when it comes to handling many different types of audio files. One complaint I have about this program is the quality of spectrogram. It is terrible, I have to say. But other than that, it is a wonderful software. You can download the program free after you send an e-mail to Paul Boersma (the procedure is explained in this web page). Try it!

Sounds from A Course in Phoentics: Most of the sounds in his famous book A Course in Phonetics and Vowels and Consonants are here! Want to know which journal is listed in SCI, SSCI, or HSCI? Go to ISI and find out!


For universe-wanderers Jet Propulsion Laboratory, (Don't forget to sign up for their free JPL news.) Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Operations, University of Arizona, Tuscon: Updates on the current Cassini exploration


For ESL Teachers Great multi-media books. It shows you a gist of what a multi-media book can do. Great site for ESL stuffs. Great collection of nursery rhymes. A very good example of multi-media classroom. But quite different from fancy, computer-only classroom. 

Also look into the Multi-media class page for more links.


Miscellaneous The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book: A really neat site with all kinds of optical illusions Nice do-it-yourself site for learning Japanese (I am worried about our education: We are not at all emphasizing the importance of foreign languages other than English.) If you are interested in Hi-Fi like me, and if you are more into reading about it than into buying it like me, this site is for you.


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