Now you have come to the real fun part of the Moooooon~

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Paul & Andrew (The Moon bros) 

In front of our apartment in Austin

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Paul:                                                  Andrew:

·         Piano

o       Our piano history.

o       How long we played.

o       What kind of awards we got.

o       How many awards we got.

o       Which teacher we take lessons from.

o       Which piano we want.

·         Jokes. (Really cold.)

o       The funny things which actually happened to Moon family.

o       Very funny. (At least  what the Moon bros think)

o       Funny things happening every day.

o       And the funny jokes we heard.

·         Our life in the U.S.

o       Things happened to us in U.S.

o       What we consider interesting.

o       The difference with other countries.

o       Where we live.

·         Our life in Korea.

o       The things different from U.S

o       Where we lived.

o       The interesting things about Korea.

o       Some of the holidays in Korea.

·         Books we read.

o       Our Favorite books.

o       Our Favorite authors.

o       The books we read. (Page numbers)

o       The Books Moon bros recommend.

·         Others

o       The things we like to do.

o       Which game we like.

o       Which school we go to.

o       About our school.


Sorry, but the other stuffs will follow…

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